The Lambs


We raise a Katahdins / Dorper crossbreed because they are hardy and are good mothers. Another benefit is that they are breeds that shed their coats in spring time. This way we are saving the inconvenient work of sheering t he herd twice a year.

The number varies during the year. We usually keep around 10 ewes plus a ram. In early spring our herd size increases with the newborn lambs up to 30 animal’s total.

In the winter months our ewes live in a very comfortable free-running stable where they have plenty of space to give birth to their lambs. They are fed with our second cut hay that they love like crazy.

Starting in spring, they graze around our fields in a unique movable sheep pen that we move 3 to 4 times daily to a new fresh spot of grass. This way our ewes and lambs never graze around their own faeces and a chemical de-worming treatment is not necessary. This grazing system is unique and very labour intensive. In return, we are the only certified biodynamic lamb producer between Nova Scotia and Ontario!

Our lamb meat is available only directly from the farm. Due to higher costs in labour, our lamb meat is slightly higher in price. Please note that it is advisable to reserve your meat in advance because the meats are usually sold out before the animals are processed.