The Crops


Top soil is the basis of all living on earth! Our well-thought-out seven years crop rotation is designed to give the soil much more back than we are taking from the fields. To minimize erosion by wind and rain our fields are always protected by a cover crop. Every crop on our farm is under-seeded with a clover/timothy mixture to reduce weed pressure and to fix nitrogen in the soil.

We grow rye, oats, red clover and sometimes spelt. Our seeds have been grown biodynamically on our farm for more than eight years. In this way we have bred our own farm variety that is ideally adapted to our soils and that makes us independent from big seed companies.

The rye is baked into bread and the oats are fed to our chickens and the clover is turned into hay that we feed to our cattle and sheep. Rye and oats are both light feeders which means they give back into the soil more than they take. We grow grains mainly for the straw, because we need it as bedding for our livestock, so that we can produce the best manure possible.

All of our grain is harvested with our antique combine. This way we are independent and don’t have to fear any contamination. Then they are cleaned in our own grain centre immediately after harvesting and are carefully dried if necessary. We can store up to 50 tons of grains in our “Grain Loft” for later usage.

The straw is pressed into bales which are used as bedding in the barn. In the winter time, the cattle and sheep love to eat the clover and weeds out of the straw. The manure that we collect in our barn during the winter from all of our different farm animals gives us the right quality, quantity and composition to build up the fertility of our land.

All these measures together not only maintain the fertility of our soil but increase it, year after year.