The Chickens


The chickens are very important on our farm, because they sanitize our pastures. They are outside every day so naturally they eat what they can find. We observed that they love to be around our cattle and work themselves through their cow paddies. Chickens are always after worms or larvae; that’s why we have no parasites, and hardly any wood tics on our farm. In addition we offer them oats that we grow biodynamically on our farm.

In the winter, when there is a lot of snow outside, our chickens make themselves comfortable in our innovative and luxurious “Chicken-Chalet”. This 360 sq ft movable trailer is filled with fresh wood shavings and flooded with light. It offers cosy nesting boxes and perches and gives each bird over 12 sq ft of stall; that’s enough space to play “catch me if you can”!

Our eggs come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Since we must have had some Araucana genes in our starting flock; some of our eggs have a green shell. Our egg yokes are dark orange and the taste is fantastic. Eggs that are bought on our farm are usually not older than one day. That’s why the shelf life is long. Longer than you can imagine!

For the past eight years the baby chicks on our farm have been hatched from the farm’s own eggs. In this way we have developed our own unique Bear River Farm breed.

Fifty percent of the baby chicks we hatch are roosters. Contrary to other farms we decided to raise the roosters for meat. They are not “meat birds”! That’s why it takes us over 6 month to raise them, before they are ready to be processed. That is totally inefficient but ethically ok. The rooster meat is tight in texture and dark in colour. The taste is incomparable.

Eggs and rooster meats are available on our farm only. We do not produce large amounts so please call first to make sure we have some available.