The Cattle


We keep cattle mainly for one reason: The manure! Cows have a special ability to do what we call a “cosmic quality analysis”. While chewing their cud and during the ruminant process, the cows manure gets enriched with ensouled and enlivened forces, that are urgently needed to increase soil fertility and plant growth on our farm.

All of our cows have horns, because they are directly connected to the cow’s amazing digestive system. When a cow is chewing the cud, a most intensive enlivening activity of perception takes place. The forces that are released by digestion stream up with the blood into the horns, situated at the top of the head, and these immense etheric and astralic forces are sent back into the “inner heaven” of the cow, where she perceives by reflection what she has taken in as food from the outside world.

In this way, the cow has the ability to enrich the manure with those forces that the farm lacks. Cow manure is not simply a composition of a wide variety of elements. It is a unique manuring power which releases ensouled forces. Farmers who know about these inner processes of a cow would never de-horn the cow. The horned cow is a must-have to every biodynamic farm.

We raise Canadienne Cattle, a heritage breed that is in imminent danger of extinction. They are well suited to Canada’s cold climate and known for their docility and fertility. Our cows are, small, robust, resilient, friendly and healthy. It is important for us to develop a true local breed that can live solely from the farm’s own grass and hay and that will reach a high age. Our breeding goal is for “life-time achievement”.

Canadiennes are also called the “poor man’s cow” because they need significantly less feed than other modern breeds. The number of animals we are raising is limited by the pastures and hay we grow on the farm. Cows are designed to eat roughage. That is why we would never feed them any grains or silage. Starting in May, they graze on lush green grass pastures, in a well managed grazing system. In the winter they are fed with our biodynamic hay from our clover fields.

During the winter months our cattle stay in a very luxurious and light-flooded barn, called the “Bovine Palace”. This well-conceived barn building is flooded by light from big windows and 17 huge barn doors which can be opened on sunny days so that the cows can inhale the sunlight. Every day a fresh layer of straw bedding is added. This way the barn and the animals stay very clean and excellent manure fertilizer is produced. People who enter the barn for the first time are always impressed that they encounter such a sweet and pleasant smell inside.

Because we don’t push our animals to grow faster or bigger, it takes longer until they are ready for being processed and this is reflected in a slightly higher price. We sell freezer beef directly from the farm. Usually our meats are sold before the animal is processed. So please call for availability. We also sell part of our offspring straight from the farm, also through Kijiji and local farm auctions. Please contact us to ask what livestock we do have available.