The Bread


Our unique sourdough Rye Bread is baked using an old family recipe that is over 120 years old. It is an “everyday-bread” and most people never get tired of eating it because it is tasty, healthy and easy to digest. Our bread is perfect for everyone who wants to stay away from wheat. It is not gluten free, but it contains NO wheat, NO yeast, NO dairy, NO sugar and NO eggs!

The maSaskia the bakerin ingredient in our bread is our farm grown, certified biodynamic whole rye flour, to which we add a small amount of certified organic flax seeds, salt and spices.

Rye is a cereal grain, closely related to barley. Since the middle ages, it served as the main bread cereal in most areas east of the French-German border. The rye that we grow is an old European variety that most people can digest, because it has not been changed in any way by modern process and breeders.

To ensure that all valuable nutrients of the whole grain and the wealth of vitamins in the germ remain intact, we carefully mill the grain into coarse flour with our stone mill every week. We use our own sourdough starter culture and the dough is hand kneaded. That’s why the texture can be different from week to week. This occurs due to temperature, weather and the consistency of the flour. If it looks dry on the first slice, just cut a bigger chunk of it. Usually it is fine a little deeper inside. When the bread appears to be too moist inside, it is because it is very fresh; just let it sit for a day or toast the slices.

Depending on how you store the bread, it is good for up to ten days. Most people cut it into thin slices and keep it in the fridge. Never store it next to white bread. If a loaf is too much for you, just freeze part of it or slices of it. It freezes very well.

Our fresh Rye Bread is delivered to the following locations by late Thursday afternoon.

Nova Scotia:

Annapolis Royal:   Annapolis Natural Foods and at the table of Snow Lake Keep at the Annapolis Royal Farmers Market

Bridgetown:           D’Aubin Family Meats

Aylesford:              Holmestead Cheese

Greenwich:            Noggins Corner Farm Market

Wolfville:                eos natural foods

Grand Pré:            Domaine de Grand Pré Wine Shop

Fall River:             The Vegetorium

Bedford:                Pete’s Fine Foods, and Honey and Ginger, Hammonds Plains: Noggins Farm Market

Bedford Basin:     Bedford Basin Farmers Market

Dartmouth:           Noggins Farm Market at Alderney Landing, and Honey and Ginger at Baker Drive

Halifax:                  Organic Earth on Quinpool Rd, Pete’s Fine Foods on Dresden Row, Fox Hill Market & Deli, Robie St.

Seaport Market:    Norbert’s Good Foods and Noggins Farm Market

Hydrostone:         Getaway Farm Butcher Shop

Mahoone Bay:     South Shore Waldorf School Farmers Market in Blockhouse during the winter month

Bridgewater:      Farmers Market at the Airstream Cafe during the summer month

Yarmouth:           Yarmouth Natural Foods

New Brunswick:

Miramichi:         Good River Organics

Fredericton:      Aura Whole Foods

On occasion, we promote our bread in the stores and at the markets, so there is a good chance that you can meet our baker in person and ask for more details about the bread.