The two most important things in life are: Healthiness & Freedom! Both are directly and deeply connected with the food we eat. Food can make us very sick or it can be a cure; food can turn us into the perfect slave or into a free-thinking individual. Most of the food today may give our bodies enough nutrition to keep our organs working, but it does not feed our soul and spirit in a way it once did, ages ago, when food was still seen as a sacred substance. As a consequence people are suffering of diseases of civilisation, that were totally unknown a century ago.

In contrast to conventional and organic farms that focus on restocking chemical substances in the soil like nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, biodynamic farming in addition takes into account the life-giving forces that are working beyond the soil, plants and animals. Those forces might be not visible or measurable but they are working in the background of all different life processes in nature. The balance and health of our soil and plants are encouraged by the use of biodynamic compost preparations and field sprays.

The compost preparations are made out of certain medicinal herbs and animal sheaths that have undergone a one year process of transformation in order to enrich them so that they become stimulating substances. These preparations are injected into our compost and manure in minute doses to lead the degrading processes in the right direction. The effect is that the ensouled and enlivened forces are kept in the manure and that the nutrients arrange themselves into an organic order which makes them more easily accessible to the soil and the plants that later grow in it.

The field sprays are made out of our cow dung and ground quartz crystal and have undergone a process of transformation as well. They are applied to our fields in a homeopathic dilution before seeding and later directly on the plants during growing season. Their most important function is to help the soil and plants relate to the form-giving forces behind nature; further they enhance the root growth and give the plant sensitivity for its surroundings, especially for the sunlight. They also influence colour, aroma, flavour & keeping qualities of the crops.

By enlivening the soil through the biodynamic measurements and practices, we are able to produce food that once again can properly nourish people to its full extend and turn them into healthy, free thinking individualities.

Biodynamic agriculture evolved from the development of anthroposophy by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian scientist, philosopher, educator, architect, and social thinker who lived between 1861 and 1925 and who is best known for the worldwide Waldorf Education movement.
In 1924, Steiner presented a series of eight lectures to farmers. From this lectures emerged the fundamental principles of biodynamic farming. Today the practices and techniques resulting from these lectures are urgently required to enhance and enliven the quality of the soil, the plants and the livestock.

It can be challenging for many of us to understand biodynamic principles because it is difficult to measure effects like life and vitality with conventional testing methods. Scientists have found that biodynamic farms have soils of higher biological and physical quality, significantly greater organic matter, content and microbial activity; more earthworms, better soil structure, lower bulk density, easier penetrability and thicker topsoil. Further, the plants have deeper and stronger root systems and are more resistant to weather influences.

Like organic farmers we certainly don’t use pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or GMO seeds. Instead we plant and harvest our grains and mow our hay only on certain days, depending on the phase and position of the moon. The results are obvious with improved plant growth, plant health, fertility, crop/hay quality and storage capabilities.

Considering cows as an essential part in biodynamic agriculture, Bear River Farms is currently the only certified biodynamic farm in the Atlantic Provinces. Bear River Farms is accredited by DEMETER Canada as a fully working Biodynamic Farm. DEMETER is the international trademark for biodynamic farms and shall assure buyers that the product is grown with biodynamic practices. So the trademark is intended to protect both the consumer and the producers of biodynamic produce.

Bear River Farms is a well-known for source for Biodynamic know how and workshops and is a reliable source for biodynamic preparations for beginning practitioners until they begin to make their own preparations. To learn more about Biodynamic Farming practices, please contact us or visit one of our public workshops.

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