The Farm
Bear River Farms is a certified Biodynamic Farm located between Deep Brook and Bear River – that is between Annapolis Royal and Digby, in Nova Scotia, Canada. The farm is operated by F.O.R. Ltd., a joint venture of individuals who developed a forward-thinking farming concept that is simple, efficient and sustainable.

With our operation, we want to set an example of how to start, renew, and operate small farm enterprises and how to save and protect the soil, the seeds, the breeds and a safe source of comprehensive nourishing food, for now and for following generations.

At the moment we farm 65 acres of land where we grow Rye, Spelt, Oats and Clover Hay. We raise a small suckling herd of cattle, some lambs, a few chickens and pigs. We sell bread, eggs and meats from our cattle, roosters and lambs directly from the farm. Since we don’t operate a “Farm Store” please call first, to check availability and pick-up time. Our unique sourdough rye bread is available at selected locations and farmers markets.

Contact InfoThe Award
Bear River Farms has been awarded the Entrepreneur Award for 2015 for their work in the area of biodynaarticle_largemic farming.DSCN7087

The definition of the Annual Business Award of Excellence in the category Entrepreneur Award is:      “A business that has developed a product or enhanced a marketing opportunity that is unique or innovative.”

“While most people do not consider farming as particularly unique or innovative, Biodynamic Farming certainly is – at least here in Nova Scotia. They have brought to our area a process that moves way past organic…” from the introduction by Karen Enright, Senior Vice President of the Digby and Area Board of Trade.

The CustomersValley Harvester 09.07.15
Our typical customers are people who understand that health is directly connected to the food they eat, so they obtain our products because they are conscientious about their wellbeing. Other people just like the idea of supporting local farms and organically grown food. To them “organic” is not just a hype word. They really live it – with every bite they eat. And some of our customers are “foodies” who simply appreciate the high-end quality and the different and natural taste of our products.

The Intention
We deeply believe that farming should be seen as an act of Art; and the responsibility of the farmers is to lift the culture in agriculture to a higher stage.

As in a symphonic orchestra where every instrument plays its own important score, our soil and every plant and animal on our farm make up an irreplaceable part of the whole and are interrelated with each other. All together they add up to a closed entity like a symphonic concert in which we as farmers, just like the conductor, have only to take care, that everything stays in tune.

Therefore, our farm is completely diversified, self-sufficient and as independent as possible. Everything on our farm grows at its own pace. Nothing is forced to grow faster or to produce more. This way we produce less quantity for the benefit of a superior quality.

Our biodynamic measures help to enliven the soil so that we can grow robust and sensitive plants and livestock that glow with health and that is able to produce the highest quality of manure which then goes back onto the fields. This dynamic process increases our soil fertility year after year and lifts the inner qualities of the food we grow to a level where it is not only able to feed our physical body but also our soul and spirit.

In our opinion, food is a very personal thing, because eventually we insert it into our mouth and body! Therefore everyone should know exactly where his or her food is coming from, how it was grown, raised and processed and who’s behind all that. What mindset does the person have who is growing your food; what drives him or her?

That’s why we decided to give our customers a look inside our operation anytime it is requested. Our experience shows that people who have seen our farm can value our daily work and products much better.

We further believe that our day-to-day work should be done in style and be thereby very enjoyable. In order accomplish this in an efficient way we keep our operation small, exceptionally organised, tidy, clean and neat.
Our movable “Chicken Chalet”, the “Bovine Palace” and the movable “Sheep pen”, are just a few examples of how we try to design our farm to be humane for the animals and convenient for those who do the day to day work. All in all we try to work smarter, not harder!

This is all reflected in every single detail of our farm. In this way we want to renew the idea of small farm enterprises – not only for today but for future generations.